Overseas taxes can be confusing for anyone, but hiring a good tax specialist can pay dividends with it comes to foreign property tax

Navigating the world of overseas taxes can be a murky task. It gets even worse if you’re being asked to comprehend tax laws in a foreign language. Hiring an overseas tax specialist like Property Tax International can clear the pathways to reducing your liability and take the stress out of the whole process.

Anyone earning rental income is generally obliged to submit an income tax return to the tax authorities in the country in which it was received. If you own property abroad, you’re probably aware that each country has its own tax laws and constantly changing tax rates and calculation methods, which can make the process extremely difficult! This, coupled with a new language, can make it confusing even for those of us who are experts on tax laws in our in our home country.

Being familiar with specific tax processes and deadlines in the country where you have investment property is the first step to minimizing your liability both at home and abroad.

Hiring tax specialists proficient in the language can often be the only way to stay fully tax compliant while maximizing your property’s income for tax purposes. Property Tax International (PTI) is in a unique position to offer you expert overseas tax filing services to reduce your overall tax liability and transform your foreign properties into a profitable investment portfolio.

With a multi-lingual team of tax specialists, they provide hassle-free tax services for the overseas lifestyle and buy-to-let property market with the most affordable fee structure on the market.

Property Tax Services:

International tax returns
Tax Id registrations
Capital Gains tax returns
Non-resident tax returns

The benefits:

Affordable, transparent service
Access to expert tax specialists with years of experience
Minimize your tax liability

The service covers a wide range of countries including: France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Spain, U.K., and the U.S.

If you have property in any of these countries, and you don’t want to spend your days fretting about foreign tax laws, you can simply register here, send in your documents, and PTI will process your returns.

To get started, simply:

Register here
Submit documents and application
PTI submit your return

Property Tax International (PTI) is a trading name of Taxback Returns, which is part of the Taxback Group, an Irish owned group of companies specializing in the financial & international travel sector.

You can find out more at ptireturns.com