Valuation Services


Are you sure that the price you are paying is correct?

The property may be new, but has it been constructed properly with all the correct Licences?

It may be expensive to buy and have been built for many years, but could be even more costly, if you do not check for any possible defects. Have any guarantees been provided and are they valid and up to date?

If a Bank is lending against the property, what type of survey (if any) have they carried out and has it been thorough enough to protect you as well as them?  Arranging a personal survey could therefore be beneficial.

The Surveyors/Valuers listed in the countries below, I have either worked with previously or have recommended to:


Court Appointed Surveyors, Valuers, Translators and Mediators. We are authorised to carry out building surveys and issue binding valuations – French Estate Agents are not…Read more >

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Gianvito Cardone is a Florence-based property surveyor who specialises in carrying out extensive due-diligence investigations for foreign clients wishing to purchase properties in Italy….Read more >

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Peter Densham is a locally-based chartered surveyor in the Algarve, who has been in practice for over 30 years. He has a very thorough knowledge of the market and price-trends in the region and has acted for numerious international financial institutions…Read more >

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Based in Estepona, Málaga for nearly 10 years, Survey Spain are the instruction and review centre of a Network of RICS and CIOB valuers and building surveyors plus a Spanish registered architect…Read more >

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