Commercial Mortgages – Overseas

Although banks and other lenders are currently being criticised for not lending, often this is not because of lack of funds, but due to the quality of the business plan and past experience of the applicants.

The minimum mortgage size will depend on which country the commercial  mortgage is required in:

Minimum €2 million – Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Cyprus, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA – possibly can consider lower amounts on a case by case basis

Minimum €10 million – other countries (except war torn areas)

For all mortgages, it would initially be helpful to have a full Feasibility Report/ Executive Summary based on the format outlined here.

or download a PDF of this document here.

Loan to value, interest rates and other lending criteria do vary dependant on your own personal financial status, type and value of the property, location, mortgage size and whether you are borrowing/purchasing in your own name or a local or offshore company name.

Overseas commercial mortgages are available on all types of bricks and mortar security and if you are unsure if the type of security or purpose of mortgage is acceptable, please email [email protected] before submitting a Feasibility Report/Executive Summary.