ABC Translations

ABC Translations has been providing translation, interpretation and foreign-language writing services since 1997. We use a carefully selected team of established freelance linguists to meet the demands of a diverse client base in many areas of life and work.

We regularly work for law firms, patent agents and commercial companies, so are highly experienced in all types of legal and technical translation.

However, translation services aren’t just for businesses. For the rest of us, there are important times in our lives when having a language expert by our side can be extremely valuable. We provide a friendly, approachable service for private individuals who need translation or interpreting. From property matters to education and employment documents, we can help, and we’re used to the intricacies and procedures that accompany the more common requirements, like mortgages and leases, marriage certificates and legal papers.

We understand too that dealing with language translation will be unfamiliar territory for many people. That’s why we make sure you’re in capable hands, providing helpful advice and guidance every step of the way.

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